Thursday, 13 January 2022

What are the best free online tools for managing small projects?

 I have been testing Zapty and it is an amazing product. You can create tasks, surveys, approvals, etc. from conversations, which helps to make work very convenient without getting messy. You can also easily collaborate on files, documents, etc. and start threaded conversations from anywhere. The only thing I really miss is the video chat but I think they will add that in the best online effective teamwork project management system

Read this blog to get a better idea about it: What features should an ideal project management tool have?

It has some amazing features like: easy communication, chat, video calls, project and task management, approvals, polls, discussions with just one app. Zapty: seamless teamwork, anywhere!

Free online project management information system and task collaboration software

As project teams become more distributed and our work becomes more digital, it's important that we have good team-based project management tools to increase our personal productivity systems.

The best free online tools for managing small projects are:-

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Freshdesk is the latest in cloud-based help desk technology that comes with everything you need to track and manage projects. Freshdesk offers a variety of features like issue tracking, SLA management, smart automations, SEO-friendly FAQ, knowledge base, and customizable self-service portals, which help increase agent productivity and reduce burnout.


Orchestra gives you the ability to create tasks, create task lists (similar projects), assign due dates (but not due times), share tasks with people, and of course, comment on each task. Using Orchestra is a delight and it's quite interesting to see tasks update in real time as you work with others.


One of the prettiest project management tools, Flow helps you plan and execute projects with teammates. Flow lets you create tasks, comment on them, add tasks to lists, tag tasks, assign tasks to others, and even has a Flow Concierge service for lucky beta testers where you can assign “simple” tasks to a personal

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is Zoho's project management software, a brand that enables 15 million users to work online. Businesses large and small, from all industries, use the app to deliver great work on time. Plan your projects, assign tasks, communicate effectively, never miss an important update, and view detailed progress reports. You can add unlimited users on all plans at no additional cost.

These are the best online tools for managing small projects.

What is the best online platform for a small business to create software user guides?

Give Iridize a try. Our interactive guides can be customized, to target user roles, individuals, and groups based on user behavior.

Iridize meets all the requirements of the question:

  • Multiple guides (on multiple pages as well as single page apps)
  • Content reuse
  • Multiple Authors – Easy collaboration as well as share guides to get feedback
  • WYSIWYG editing, and also easily embeddable rich media in guides (images, videos, links, GIFs, etc.)
  • Compatible with Mac OSX and most operating systems and browsers

Some other things Iridize is good with:

  1. Smart user engagement guides that respond to rules and conditions
  2. Detailed analytics : Track user engagement through guide activity
  3. Export of guides to HTML / PDF : instant creation of the knowledge base of your group of guides
  4. Effective release notes , so your users don't miss out on new features

What an arrangement it is!

Whatfix is ​​a SaaS tool that allows you to create real-time interactive guides that are used as user manuals, support documents, knowledge base articles, etc. These interactive manuals / user guides are easy to create and understand.

Interactive user manuals help users navigate the website or a web application. They appear as tooltips or balloon tips that highlight particular elements in web applications that prompt the user to take action.

By interactive user guides I mean something like this

User manuals once created with Whatfix are automatically generated in multiple forms such as a video/slideshow/pdf etc.

Our step-by-step guidance system guides users in real time, from the beginning of a task to its successful completion.

Disclosure: I work at Whatfix

I would consider using DITA, especially if software developers use XML and are interested in the documentation workflow.

There are many DITA authoring systems, including open source tools. But if I were in the market, I'd seriously consider Adobe Technical Communication Suite, which has a good track record and now includes DITA support.

What are the best free online tools for managing small projects?

 I have been testing Zapty and it is an amazing product. You can create tasks, surveys, approvals, etc. from conversations, which helps to m...